Totally unscientific tips for losing saddlebags without actually working out

If you don’t know what saddlebags are, lucky you! You probably don’t have them. 

Saddlebag isn’t an actual body part name. It’s just the term used for the saddlebag-like appearance in your thigh area when you don’t have enough muscle to hold the fats up. 

It’s the worst thing to have if you like wearing bodycon dresses. And shapewear can only do so much. 

So if you don’t like working out, here’s what you can do!

#1: Work so hard you only have time for one meal

This serves a dual purpose of being more productive, while cutting calories. Considering our daily activities, compared to our caveman ancestors, we don’t need more than one meal a day. Drink more water, of course.

#2: Do more creative or problem-solving work

Your brain is a calorie hog. Although it’s only 2% of your body weight, it uses at least 20% of your body’s minimum calorie requirement. If you think harder, you’ll use up even more calories — very little extra, but better than nothing.

#3: Work part-time in F&B

If your idea of exercise is climbing the stairs (like mine is), working an F&B job is a full-on workout. After a long day of brain-crushing labour, a long night of taking orders, serving drinks and clearing tables is just the workout one needs. 

Seriously, do the 20-minute workout per day. It’s much easier. 

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