Even the best athletes have coaches. For someone who’s serious about their career, wouldn’t it make sense to get a coach too? 

I didn’t realise how valuable coaching would be until I tried it. 

Although on the surface I seemed to be in a comfortable space last year, it was an illusion. There was something missing, and I wasn’t sure what. 

And then, someone in a WhatsApp group chat I’m in recommended a career coach. Curious, I sent her a private message asking for more info. She sent me the coach’s contact details. 

I sat on it for some time and then decided that it was worth a try. I signed on for six sessions over a period of four months. At the time, I told Nitya (an amazing career coach) that my main goal was to raise $1mil for the business I was working on at the time. 

Over the course of our sessions, and as that goal shifted (due to situational changes), I came to realise that I was deeply unhappy with the position that I was in. 

And rather than focus on feelings or trying to provide a solution, Nitya asked, “What can you do about this?”

And then when I told her, she helped me to lay my action plan out step-by-step. Goal, objective, strategy, tactics.

It helped me to solidify the understanding that while a lot of things are not within my control, there are things that are

What we often don’t realise is that we have the answers. We know what we want. We know what we’re supposed to do. We just don’t have the clarity, or sometimes space, to verbalise the answers. 

And without precise language, our thoughts stay in our heads, never to be turned into actions.

Or perhaps are turned into actions, but how can we improve on, and optimise those actions even further? 

A good coach doesn’t provide answers, I think. Instead, she provides suggestions and techniques for us to discover the answers within ourselves, and find our own solutions. 

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