This is the fourth month I’ve “gone independent” and what a whirlwind it’s been. It’s crazy how much paperwork everything in life calls for. 

It’s insane how much time one has to spend on administration. Even with the assistance of software, I’ve had to block time out for admin and correspondence. 

But spending time on clear correspondence can be valuable.

Some people say that one shouldn’t send long emails but I’d like to propose a different suggestion. Rather than have meetings all the time, sometimes a long email can be a good replacement. 

It means that the sender would have thought through the content of his/her message. The ideas contained would be more concise, better verbalised. 

It also gives the receiver the chance to read through the points, digest and provide better insights and comments, and perhaps even complementary ideas. 

Rather than bouncing back and forth during long meetings that in my experience, are usually dragged out longer than necessary, both sender and receiver are in the right frame of mind when sitting down in front of the information. 

And when a meeting actually happens, they would have already digested the concepts and ideas and can dive right into execution. 

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