Last year I did a CliftonStrengths test on Gallup and it’s shed some light on why I am often distracted by “shiny things”. I love novelty and occasionally, feel myself watching myself experience something new. 

However, in a development blog that I’ve been following lately, developer Flavio Copes writes that choosing the “boring stack” is important. It helps you stay focused on the thing you actually want to deliver. 

What’s ironic, is that since I properly learned to code in 2015, I’ve spent less time writing code than I did before. Not because I’m better at syntax, no. 

(I mean, even my English vocabulary is lousy, why would I remember syntax.)

But because these days, I think about why I’m trying to build something. And before I even write a line of code, I look to see if there’s a tool — that’s cheap and easy — that I can use instead. 

And now that I’m jumping back into coding, I’m choosing languages and frameworks that I believe will support my goals better — Python, Vue.js, perhaps SQL. 

For solving problems on Project Euler — I do it for fun sometimes — my go-to language is Ruby. 

I’m learning that I have to control that impulse to keep crossing over to greener grass. 

“The grass is green where you water it,” I remind myself. 

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