The thing about writing is this, especially if you do it without holding back, the more you do it, the more there is. 

Since I started this practice of writing 200 words for myself daily, the thoughts and ideas have been pouring in. 

It’s not a matter of whether I’ll be able to fill the blank page anymore. It’s about whether I can get everything down in time before it’s all lost. 

Words are slippery things. Ideas are even more so. 

I initially thought that allocating time and headspace out of my day to write something that’s just for me would take away from the work that I do for clients, for business. 

On the contrary, it’s made my brain feel more elastic, stretching itself out to fill the demands of what the workday requires. 

I suppose that’s why they tell you on planes to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then only on those in your care. 

In the short term, it might seem selfish. But there’s a long term rationale to it. 

How can you take care of someone if you’re not around to do it? That’s why you need to survive. 

That’s why self-care is vital. 

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