Living in grayscale. It feels like that’s what I’ve been doing since I turned off colour on my phone.

Although some people do it to reduce phone usage, I find that it hasn’t brought on that effect for me. 

But while my time spent on the phone hasn’t reduced, it’s changed my phone use behaviour. 

Although I’ve turned off notifications for most social media, I still found myself opening these apps at random times of the day. I still found myself scrolling through aimlessly. 

That is, until I switched to greyscale. 

The first thing that greyscale does is make those apps less noticeable from my home screen. 

When I do click into them, greyscale makes them less engaging. 

What I end up doing is switching to one of my reading apps instead — iBooks, Kindle, Medium. Or even to my Notes app to write. 

Having on greyscale doesn’t make the real world more colourful. It hasn’t made me more focused on the now. It hasn’t made me more mindful. 

It’s just made certain phone activities less interesting, and has created a change in my default behaviour when it comes to phone usage. 

There are days when I think the human brain is much like a computer. There are complex algorithms at play within our grey matter that handle more variables than we are aware of. 

Like AI, our brains need to be trained. So that our bodies do what they should, not what they want. 

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