It’s almost the new year, which means that I’ve been doing some research on customs, the symbolism behind each dish served during the reunion dinner, and of course, the zodiac. 

Like Western astrology, there’s more than just one sign or animal at play. How do the planets and stars align at the time that you were born? What animal is dominant during that exact second? Your year, month, day and hour of birth tell a story.  

But it is only one story of the many parallel stories that life branches out into. Way leads on to way, said Robert Frost. There are many forks in the road. 

So here are some predictions:

  • 2019 will be a lucky year if you are prepared for it to be. 
  • There will be many good omens if you look out for them. 
  • Success is around the corner if you work for it.
  • You will find happiness if you choose to. 

And here are some things to take note of:

  • Taking care of your health this year is vital; eat well.
  • Avoid overworking as it may lead to burnout.
  • Carve out time for your family and/or loved ones.
  • To prevent personal stagnation, keep learning.

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