The things you can do if you stop saying, “I can’t.” 

I’m starting to realise the extent of it. 

An actually-in-use chalkboard menu at the bar

In the past, I would say, “I’m not good at art. I can’t draw.”

And yet, when necessity calls for it, I find that I’m able to churn something out. I’ve begun to wonder if the things we say we can’t do remain that way because we say it. Because we don’t try. 

Two years ago, I couldn’t make sense of sheets and databases. Having used only a word processor for most of my working life, even slide decks are a challenge for me. 

But last year I forced myself to create the company’s budget in sheets. And by the end of the year, I was able to do things like connect Google Analytics, write scripts and build tracking dashboards in sheets. 

The human brain is elastic. There’s so much that we can train ourselves to do. Like a muscle, the brain stretches itself to do what is required. We need to place it in an environment that provides a challenge.

But we also need to give it the time to grow. We must be patient. And we must be gracious. 

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