I’ve discovered a love for testing limits.

Today, I finally found the time to check on my Cocktail Thoughts newsletter in Mailchimp — for some reason the campaign hadn’t gone out — and discovered that my account had been suspended due to “compliance issues”!

Where previously I might have gotten frustrated, this time, I felt a sense of excitement.

This had never happened before. I’ve used Mailchimp to send out all sorts of campaigns, including ones that were hard-selling vape juices. What happened this time?

Was it because my content was about alcohol? Considered adult-only?

Maybe because my list was imported and there were no age checks?

Was it because I’d linked to something I shouldn’t have?

The possibilities are varied, the Acceptable Use policy is vague. I contacted the Compliance team at Mailchimp. And if I get a response with more specific answers, I would have truly learned something.

I’ve realised that it’s a good thing to know the limits of one’s tools.

For example, if you advertise prohibited products on Facebook, your ad account will be banned. If you create multiple accounts on some forums, your IP will be banned no matter how soft you sell.

The more we use them, the more we learn about what we can use them for, how we can use them and what will make them break.

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