TV has a bad reputation that it doesn’t deserve.

Your brain will rot if you watch too much TV. It’s an idiot box. At some time or other, you’ve probably heard one of those lines.

Like books and magazines and radio, TV is only a medium. Mindless consumption can happen in any medium, not just TV.

And likewise, magnificent storytelling can be executed on any medium.

I’ve been rather taken by the visual medium lately, specifically TV. It evokes a different feeling than books. You use your eyes and ears more. You practice connecting visual and auditory cues on a conscious level.

There’s an element of human psychology at play. To create a good show for TV, the details matter.

What colours your characters wear, the soundtrack playing in each scene, the frame of the shot. It all adds to the vibe you want to create.

I can’t get Russian Doll of my head. I finally got round to watching the fifth season of Bojack Horseman. Every single time I watch TV shows like these, I wonder, how could TV be bad?

You can tell deep stories on TV. You can ask questions about morality and philosophy. You can make a commentary on human nature.

Although everything on TV looks like it’s all laid out for you to see, there are many things below the surface. Even more than books, because on TV, you are on the outside looking in.

There is depth to the storyline, if you choose to dissect its meaning.

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