While many may get their news on Facebook, my preferred choice for online reading material is newsletters. 

From curated lists like For the Interested to long-form feature articles in The Hustle to short tips in Growth Hacking Idea, my inbox is my personal newsfeed. I get emails on journalist jobs, writing submissions, new books to download.

Considering the amount of email newsletters I’m subscribed to, I definitely don’t have time to read them all. And I don’t. 

I select. And the rest goes into Trash. 

The issue with any kind of medium is that they are all competing for the same thing — attention. 

Every individual has the same amount of time in any one day. 24 hours, that’s all. And every media company is begging for just a fraction of those 24 hours. 

(If you’re taking the time to read this blog, thank you!)

The people who are only now starting to say that media is in trouble are late to the party. I’ve been told that journalism (and by extension, media) was dying since I was in university. 

“It will evolve,” I said to anyone who asked me then. And I still believe that it will. 

Anyone who creates and shares any sort of content needs to recognise that their audience’s time is valuable. What can a reader take away from your content? What value are you adding to their lives? 

If you have an audience, don’t take them for granted. 

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