There are days when I think about this: if I were working a full-time job, should I be paid 80% less than a man?

I’m not saying that would make me happy. But it’s something I consider once a month during my period, when everything feels like too much.

Although I am still productive at work, there’s definitely a dip compared to my usual level of productivity. I’m more tired, and occasionally, in more pain. That dip is inevitable.

As an independent writer, I factor this into my calendar. But what if I was working for someone, had less control over my work and took a monthly salary?

Consider that this state lasts about five days every month. Why should I be paid the same amount as a man who was my equal?

Do I deserve to be paid the same amount as a man who has the same level of intelligence and competence, but doesn’t experience that five days of lowered capacity?

On the other hand, say I had more control over my work in a full-time job, and was able to complete the month’s worth of work, with less days than my male counterpart. Would I then deserve to be paid more?

I don’t have answers to these questions.

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