“How are you able to create and consume so much at the same time?” A friend asked the other day.

The secret is to not do it at the same time. Or even in the same period of time.

Besides time-blocking, I’ve begun to work-batch as well. This means that I focus on certain things on specific days.

Correspondence, which includes sending recap emails, update messages and further suggestions, are done on the same day. Along with meetings and calls.

Learning, working on my own projects, reading the heavy books are done on Sundays and in the wee hours of the night. (Heavy reading means books like Don Quixote or The Art of Fermentation.)

The rest of the work day is client work, which means executing on ideas.

We take our brains for granted. We load it with so much information and/or entertainment 24/7. How does it know what to focus on? How does it know what to efficiently process?

By time-blocking and work-batching, I give my brain freedom to ignore everything else that isn’t vital to the current task at hand.

This also means that it has the freedom to truly relax when the time calls for it. I can do things like binge watch RuPaul’s Drag Race without nagging back-of-the-mind anxiety.

There is a kind of freedom in constraints.

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