Balance. It’s a word I keep hearing over and over again in the world of food and drink.

But while balance in the world of food requires controlling Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (a must-watch TV show for all food lovers), drinks are a slightly different species.

A good cocktail has to have spirit. Literally, otherwise it would be just a mocktail. It has to have sweetness, sourness, bitterness. And bringing it all together is ice.

I’m not a bartender… yet. And most of the drinks I make at home are functional eg. to kill a bottle of liqueur lying around, to enliven a carton of juice, to put guests at ease.

But gone are the days when all I do is pour vodka into pink guava juice (or milk). 30ml of lime juice can go a long away in taking a drink from just okay to yum.

Although, I don’t always follow this rule. One of my favourite things to drink, especially at night before bed is a mix of 30ml amaretto, 90ml milk.

(I measure it out with a jigger. Does that make it a cocktail?)

I guess it’s also about finding that balance between making what I like, and trying to grasp the craft of making good drinks.

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