There are days when a kind of haze sets in, mostly when I’m too focused on a current task. To the point of forgetting sleep or hunger.

I’ve found that efficiency can sometimes come out of elimination. When you remove all other distractions, only laser focus is left behind.

Until a certain point. And then everything becomes hazy.

On days like these, I wonder if focus is always a good thing.

Even after reading The ONE Thing, I still think about whether having just one thing is all that.

If I had focused on writing to the point of excluding everything, I would have missed out on so many of the valuable career experiences that I’ve had.

I would have never learned how much hustle is required to run a business. I would have never explored (and fallen in love with) marketing. I would have never learned to code.

Having multiple passions has not subtracted from my writing life. In fact, it has enhanced it.

It’s given me more to be curious about, to explore, to document.

Perhaps this means that I have yet to discover my ONE thing. Or perhaps I haven’t figured out what having one thing really means.

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