Chicken rice is one of the staple meals you could find at any hawker centre in the Klang Valley. It’s the one stall that any coffee shop worth its salt has to have. Just look for the stall with whole chickens hanging from hooks in its glass display. 

Considering how commonplace it is, it’s somewhat unexpected that people have their favourite chicken rice stalls and that it’s possible to even have a debate about which chicken rice shops are better. You’d think that any hawker could get it right. 

I have a favourite chicken rice stall. The rice is perfectly oiled and seasoned. Their chicken — no matter which part — is never dried out. Their cucumber is always crisp and fresh. But what seals the deal for me is their soup. 

All chicken rice stalls serve soup as a side but it’s typically MSG (and sometimes salt) in hot water. 

This chicken rice stall that I frequent however, serves proper chicken soup. Although the soup is clear and they don’t use many other vegetables (or even much salt) for flavour, the soup still tastes rich and heavy. 

On days when I ask, they give me free refills. 

You would think that with so many chicken carcasses lying around, every chicken rice stall would make a proper soup. It’s something that doesn’t take too much effort, yet adds value.

That’s how to make a product stand out. 

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