One thing I’ve come to value a lot in all of my partnerships these days, is space. 

In the last few months since my newfound freedom, I’ve explored potential partnerships with several people and I’ll be honest and say that I have a favourite. 

We’re working on something that’s far more complex than setting up an ecommerce store or a media website. It involves government regulations and consideration of user privacy. 

With marketing and advertising policies that are even stricter than what I’m used to, it’s not an easy industry to navigate within. To top it all off, it’s a side hustle for now — we both have our respective businesses — and we are getting this off the ground with minimal capital. 

It’s been a long process. But we are still grinding. 

What I appreciate most is that I’m given space, and yet am held accountable.

There are no incessant late-night messages with an expected instant reply to deal with. In fact, instant replies are never asked for. There are no last-minute meetings or requests for right-now deliverables. 

These were things that were previously expected from me and I now realise that lack of space is a sign of disrespect. It says, “Your time is less valuable than mine.”

This partner and I still have deliverables and deadlines but these are planned out in advance. We neither over-promise nor over-expect. We communicate when we can, when we need to.

I’m grateful for the space that I’m being given. And I’m doing my best to give the same in return. 

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