Today, Write Stuff shot a series of videos with key people from companies in the fintech industry. One of them was someone I have looked up to ever since we met about five years ago. 

“So you’re a serial entrepreneur,” he said after I told him what I’d been up to. My first reaction was to blush and deny it. “Entrepreneur” is a title I’ve never managed to relate to. 

But as we continued our conversation, I wondered, could it be that I was?

In a world of fancy titles and where everyone is a noun/noun/noun (and yes, I occasionally put those things in my bio as well), I’ve mostly thought of myself as a writer. 

And I’m starting to question why I have this lack of confidence when it comes to labels.

I’ve made drinks at a bar. Does that make me a bartender? 

I’ve exited one business, am running a profitable second and have another about to launch. Does that make me an entrepreneur? 

I use code in some of my work. Does that make me a coder? 

I dabble in a whole lot of things. Mostly to find a way to integrate it with the rest of what I do. At what level of mastery is it appropriate to add a particular label to your profile? 

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