Product Hunt is my latest default type-in website. You know how you go on autopilot when you open a new browser window and type in a URL? 

For a lot of people it may be Facebook. For others, it may be Gmail or Twitter or Pinterest. But Product Hunt is my rabbit hole — the website I log into daily, my source of inspiration and ideas. I even read their daily newsletters. 

Which is how I discovered Qlearly

I hate multitasking and because I am extremely forgetful, I tend to have multiple instances of Chrome open on my laptop at the same time.

Different windows for different clients, different projects so that 1) I don’t end up switching to an unrelated tab by accident and 2) I don’t forget what I’m working on. 

(The alternative to this is that I write notes to myself, usually on Trello, otherwise I would never be able to find those notes.)

But with Qlearly, I no longer have to do any of that. It allows me to organise my bookmarks, as well as my TABS

And with a Trello-style drag and drop organisational system, as well as a search bar, it’s the solution to every productivity-driven scatterbrain’s problem.

Are you on Product Hunt? What products have you discovered and loved? Tell me about it!

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