There are days when it feels like I may never achieve what I want to achieve. The path looks steep, the road looks winding, and I am tired

“You don’t have to hustle,” Josh Spector writes in an article titled 20 Things You Don’t Have to Do Tomorrow. “A little laziness does a body good.”

And I’m inclined to accept that advice. Since I started sleeping longer hours and allocating more time for relaxation, my skin has stopped bruising. My rash is healing more every day. 

A doctor told me recently, “Sleep is the best medicine.” 

Sleep is a challenge for me. And not in the sense that I toss and turn in bed before falling asleep. I just don’t enjoy sleep. There are a lot of other things I would rather be doing. 

But I’m learning that this journey that I’m on is not an ultramarathon. It’s not a race, it’s an expedition. 

It’s not about getting from point A to point B in the fastest time possible. It’s about exploration, and discovery, and growth. 

I’m learning that it’s okay to halt during bad weather. To recover enough today in order to go further tomorrow. To enjoy all the little nuances of the journey. 

And instead of taking the entire road ahead all in one go, I need to focus on doing the best I can right now.

“The road to back-to-back championships, or being a writer or a successful entrepreneur is just that, a road. And you travel along a road in steps,” writes Ryan Holiday. 

“Excellence is a matter of steps.”

Not speed, steps.

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