I recently signed up to Google Sheets Tips, a newsletter I discovered while researching the query required to create a sheet that updates itself. 

Just last year, opening a spreadsheet made my brain feel like it was melting. All the numbers and text in squares that ran both lengthwise and crosswise. I never knew where to start looking.

(I sometimes feel the same way when I look at slide decks. Or even comic books.)

For years, Ming and other people have been extolling the power of spreadsheets. And I’m finally seeing it. It’s yet another shiny object that’s turning out to be a real addition to my toolkit.

So I thought, why not question the limitation I’ve set on myself with regards to video and photography. 

At the same time, I didn’t want to divert too much effort away from my priorities. So, I did a MOOC on mobile journalism (playing the videos at 2x speed) and have come away with some basic knowledge on how to shoot and edit videos on my phone. 

It’s amazing what you can produce with just a few hacks. For example, did you know that there are simple ways to create transitions even while shooting? There’s no need for fancy video editing software. 

If you’re someone who wants to create content regularly, but have limited time, there are heaps of hacks that you can use. I’ll be experimenting and sharing some of these tips and hacks on my Facebook page. Feel free to follow along!

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