There are days when I am disappointed by everything around me and I’ve begun to notice that it’s usually people that I am most disappointed by. 

But in Feb 12’s reading, The Daily Stoic asks, “Why are you subjecting yourself to this? Is this really the environment you were made for? To be provoked by nasty emails and an endless parade of workplace problems?”

Written based on Epictetus’ Discourses which calls for us to “keep constant guard” over our perceptions, it is a reminder that I have more control over my environment than I think I do. 

Epictetus goes on to say that our perception is not a trivial thing to protect. By controlling our perception, we are protecting our “respect, trustworthiness and steadiness, peace of mind…”.

“For what would you sell these things?” he asks.  

Complete peace of mind can be hard to come by, but we can certainly foster it, reduce disruptions to it. 

There’s no point stressing out over things that I have no control over. When I am disappointed, is it because of what people have done, or is it because of my perception of what they’ve done? 

The world shapes itself according to how we perceive it.

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