For years I’ve been hearing that journalism is a dying career. In uni, and then even after I began work as a journalist, I was told, the job market isn’t great, nobody is hiring now.

And yet, throughout the years, I have seen a constant need for storytellers, a demand for people who know how to digest technical information quickly and turn it into something understandable, or informative, or entertaining.

Journalism may be a dying career (I don’t think so) but the skills we learn on the job are extremely transferable.

Phillip Smith, the Founder of Journalism Entrepreneurship Training Company believes that the skills that journalists have developed make them ideal for entrepreneurship.

“They already have the skills that we look for in entrepreneurs — that mythical classification of people who breath life into new, novel, and often innovative ideas,” he wrote in an article on Medium.

Although he is making a case for journalists to start something of their own within the same profession, I’ve found that the same skills apply within other industries as well.

As a young reporter, I learned to think on my feet, to get some kind of story at all costs, and to do it all within tight timelines.

I’ve been told that I’m a bad writer, that my ideas don’t make sense, that I’m not good enough. And through all of that, I have learned not to crumble.

No matter what job you’re working, no matter what your profession is, there is something to learn and there will be something to use in the next chapter of whatever career path you choose to pursue.

The machines won’t take all our jobs. And even if they do, we must trust ourselves and know that we will figure something out.

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