Saturdays are no-work days for me but there are weeks when I’m tempted to cheat. 

At times, it’s because there are deadlines looming. Other times, it’s because I’ve read something inspiring or had an idea flash and can’t help myself. 

This week was a combination of those two. 

But I’ve learned that if I give in and let myself fall into that stream of work, I’ll do it again next week. And the next. And probably the next. 

I’ve learned that if I’m not careful, it leads to fatigue. Like when you work a muscle out too much, it takes longer to recover. And I’m always frustrated when that happens. 

So I have a solution for myself. 

If there are deadlines looming, instead of working, I fill up my calendar for the following week with all the times I should work on that project. It helps to reduce the anxiety that stems from thinking that I won’t be able to finish in time. 

All inspiration and ideas are written down so that I won’t forget. This can be a good thing, because not all the ideas are actually good ideas in the current moment. 

Sleep is a good filter. Things become more solid after a good night’s sleep. 

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