One of the best things about no longer being a news journalist is that I don’t have to keep up with current events. 

In a Twitter thread about what she’s learned after taking a break from journalism, Sally Kuchar said, “You get to unplug.” 

And to a certain extent, this has been true for me. 

Every single time I leave a “job” behind, I get to unplug even more. 

I no longer feel pressured to follow politicians I don’t give a shit about. I don’t have to be a participant in FB groups that talk about things I’m not interested in. I no longer get Google Alerts filled with articles that make my eyes roll. 

As I’m typing all of that now, I wonder why I even let myself work on things that I didn’t care about. Or was I, at some point, excited about those things? Or am I just being a complainer? 

Or perhaps in everything there are bits that are less than desirable. Like having a pet. I love my dog, but picking up his shit is meh

But maybe it’s not about eliminating the undesirable. Maybe what we’re supposed to do is reduce the need for them. Figure out alternatives. Automate. Outsource. 

And if that’s not possible (yet), grind. And remember why we need to do those things. 

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