I miss my Medium membership. Late last year, I finally got tired of seeing the paywall so I started a Medium subscription. I figured that it’d also give me another opportunity to support writers that I like.

Then earlier this year, I decided to sign up for Kindle Unlimited. I don’t read that much, I thought. So I cancelled on Medium, also as an experiment to see if I would miss it.

Less than a month later, I realise, I miss it.

But as I think about reactivating my subscription, I wonder, how much content can a person consume? And am I consuming too much?

Books (audio, e, paper), music, Netflix, email newsletters, Wikipedia! All entertaining, and possibly mind-nourishing as well.

But thinking about this now brings back an experience I had with foie gras.

I used to love foie gras. (No, I didn’t become vegan or suddenly get some kind of meat-eating related conscience.)

So when I was in Hungary, apparently the world’s second largest foie gras producer (after France), of course I had to eat foie gras.

There, the servings don’t come in tiny portions. My main course of foie gras was two steak-sized pieces.

Two whole slabs of that smooth, buttery texture. That sweet taste of fat. All that almost-melt-in-your-mouth goodness. And it was all mine!

That was almost five years ago and that memory still brings joy.

But the weird thing is that I haven’t eaten foie gras since. Or loved it as much.

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