At least a couple of times now, I have spoken to people who have told me about the “villain” in their lives. This is normal. In our own stories where we are (obviously) the hero, there will be villains. 

What was surprising was that the villain in their lives, were “friends and sidekicks” or “helpers” in mine. 

This made me realise that the villains in my life may be less villainous in someone else’s story. And although I’d already realised this, it solidified the thought that I’m probably the villain in someone else’s story as well. 

It’s terribly hard to be human. To find that balance between wanting to be the good guy and at the same time stay true to yourself. It’s impossible to be the good guy in everyone’s story. It’s impossible to please everyone. 

Perhaps it’s about learning to respect boundaries. To understand that everyone is their own person and to not expect them to do this or say that. To realise that the truth has many faces and that everyone has their own point of view. 

Who knows why people do the things they do? At times we do things that we ourselves aren’t able to make sense of. How can someone else figure us out?

People are complex. In the words of Walt Whitman, we “contain multitudes”. 

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