The #100DayProject started today and I did none of the ideas that I talked about and none of the ideas that I toyed with since then.

As the 2nd of April drew nearer, I realised that if I wanted my project to be sustainable, it would have to be something that I could do within 5-10 minutes.

While there are many things that I want to learn, and ways that I want to grow, I also wanted to pick something that would be achievable within the 100-day period.

I decided to write flash fiction and publish it on Twitter. Why?

I’ve been wanting to write more fiction but have putting it aside in favour of other pursuits and sometime during the last week, I realised that this was an opportunity to get round to doing it.

I’ve also been wanting to experiment more with Twitter as a social media channel. Although I’ve had an account for years, I used it mostly to keep track of relevant hashtags for work purposes.

Reading about the 5/25 strategy over the weekend was a strong reminder to me. To pursue the things I love most even more… and to put the things I am merely fascinated by on the back burner.

And someday perhaps find an efficient way to combine them.

If you’d like to follow (and give feedback on) my #100DayProject, it’s on Twitter and IG Stories.

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