Ask anyone who’s lived or worked closely with me and the coffee cup thing will come up. By that, I mean I can go up to a week without washing my cup. 

Coffee in the morning, turns into coffee-flavoured water, then possibly soda, and at some point, more coffee. Why wash it when I’ll use it again, is my rationale. 

It may not always seem like it, but I am lazy. I’m lazy af. One of my pet peeves is doing things that make no sense or is a waste of energy. 

This is probably why I’ve only had bosses who either loved me or were constantly frustrated by my behaviour. 

The thing is, “busywork” happens so often in the workplace. Offices are rife with people who don’t know what they want, don’t know what they want to achieve, have no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing. 

Or perhaps they have trouble communicating all that information. 

Which is why I loved Martin Weigel’s article on how strategy is narrative.

“At the end of the day, strategy is the art of getting other people to do something,” he writes. 

He goes on to say that strategy is an imaginative act. “Narrative is how it thinks, expresses itself, and brings others along.”

For that you need words.

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