Lately, I’ve been discovering how important having a community is. It makes all the difference whether you’re in a good or bad place. 

The feeling of loneliness — whether perceived or actual — can actually affect one’s health. Besides triggering health issues, it can also (apparently) cause early death.

I’ve always thought of myself as a loner, but in an article on the value of community, Allie Decker writes that community “needs to be something we seek out and set as an intention”.

I’ve been working on being a part of communities lately. Ones that suit my introverted personality. From Silent Book Club to board game nights to casual drinking sessions. 

Not everything needs to be networking or business related. 

What I’ve found is that being part of different communities enables growth. Choosing the right communities and people to “hang” with is motivating. 

Community is beautiful because it exposes us to diverse thinking, hobbies, and more. If your community is synonymous with where you work and spend almost all your time, how will you ever be challenged and grow?

— Allie Decker

So perhaps I’m not as much of a loner as I thought I was. I just needed to find my niche.

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