I’ve been practising celibacy lately. 

It’s something that I do every time I feel I am in a place of change or on the cusp of a new adventure. I do it because it intensifies my focus and enhances my mental clarity. 

Although I’ve done it before, I never actually called it “practising celibacy”. I never had a proper process for it and thus, found Smilemaker’s article on abstinence a good start for delving further into this practice.

People often say that men “think with their other head”. Sometimes it’s a problem that plagues women as well. 

By women, I mean myself. 

I’ll admit that I’ve gotten into sticky situations because I was curious. 

And while I’m generally curious, there are a few things that I’m extra curious about — including sex. 

Removing it as a distraction leaves brain space for me to think deeper about other matters, to let my mind wander to other areas of interest.

The article on Smilemaker’s website suggests being intentional and I agree. I like the idea of abstinence being intentional, rather than a forced state.

An athlete might abstain from sex leading up to a big game. 

A writer may abstain because she wants to finish a particular project. By “a writer”, I mean myself. 

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