I’m constantly being amazed by podcasting as a medium.

It’s a method of storytelling that has been around for more than 15 years now (but of course, radio storytelling has been around for much longer) and just like written and visual media, it’s a tool that can be used to whatever extent technology and creativity permits.

Now that voice search and speech recognition is advancing, I’m pretty excited to see what interactivity in audio storytelling can look like. The effects could be even more disturbing than visual media, I think.

While it can feel like we’re experiencing what the characters in TV shows, movies and books are going through, the fourth wall seems harder to break with these kinds of media.

(I could be wrong. I’d be excited to have a conversation with whoever thinks otherwise.)

But imagine a choose-your-own-adventure story being told through just audio. What would a thing like that look like? And how could it be customised for a specific user?

I get chills listening to some of the fiction podcasts on my playlist. Imagine if it was told in a way that actually inserted me into the story.

And then of course, me being me, my mind drifts to how this kind of media and storytelling style could be used in the sex industry.

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