“So this is the year you get your life on track,” a friend said.

“I suppose you could put it that way,” I said.

We were talking about our respective plans for 2019, things we wanted to achieve. This was not something I usually did.

For years I lived with the idea that I wouldn’t be long on this earth. And with that in mind, I’ve lived a life that has gone from moment to moment without intention.

Everything I’ve done has been happenstance. From learning to code to starting a business. I’ve followed my curiosity and my impulses.

But it’s becoming clearer to me that I owe it to myself to live deliberately. I owe it to myself to create the life I want.

In Choose Yourself by James Altucher, he writes about “becoming the ocean”.

“No matter how hard it tries, a ripple that laps onto the shore will never be as powerful as the ocean that created it. The goal is to be the ocean—the central force in our existence that moves mountains, creates all life, shakes continents, and is respected by everyone,” he writes.

He goes on to write that we have to choose ourselves to be the ocean.

“So everything that you do emanates out like ripples, everything you do moves the earth, and enhances your life and the lives of all the people around you.”

What I’ve done so far has been ripples. Now I’m ready to be the ocean.

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