In the first season of American Gods, Wednesday brings Shadow to a mansion where Easter is being celebrated. There’s the goddess Ēostre and of course, Jesus. Except there’s more than one Jesus.

One of the reasons I love fantasy fiction is because although it’s fiction, they have a certain level of universal truth.

And it’s true that while there are so many Christians in the world (around 2.3 billion in 2015), and on the surface it may seem like they all have the same religion, the Jesus in each person’s mind may actually take a different form. Some people even imagine him as white (lol).

I struggle with accepting the concept of Jesus as “God”. But when I think of him as a man, who lived and died, he becomes fascinating.

How is it that this man became so deified that till today, he still has believers from all over the world? Believers who live their lives as an answer to the question “what would Jesus do”.

Was it because, in an age when “branding” meant marking livestock and the word “marketing” didn’t exist, someone developed a story?

A story that could be passed on. A story that would attract whole communities. A story to make it easy to keep people under control.

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