I started blogging every day because I was inspired by Seth Godin, who says that the first 1000 days are usually the most difficult. That’s almost three years.

After three months of doing this, I have come to appreciate the habit. It improves mental clarity. It forces me to think about things, rather than just mindlessly consume. It helps me remember the things that I hold important.

I fear the blank page less these days. And this practice of writing daily has made other creative processes seem less daunting.

Write a book in a month? Okay! One day to finish a conference booklet? No problem! Write 12 short video scripts in an hour? Sure thing!

There are days when it’s harder, of course. Perhaps because of a lack of time or because I’ve been pushing out other work all day. It takes more brain juice than you think it would.

(This is probably why I’m losing weight. The brain is a calorie guzzler.)

But being able to keep doing it is proof to myself that I can push harder. That I am more able than I think I am.

Godin says that “even if no one reads your blog, the act of writing it is clarifying, motivating and (eventually) fun”.

He’s right.

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