“Are you on holiday?” a friend asks via Whatsapp.

“Yes,” I say, “But you know me.”

And she does know. Even while I’m on holiday, I am always on the lookout for opportunities.

Although I may not have planned to source for products or materials, there’s always the magic of serendipity. Like stumbling on the wholesale leather and fur street, or somehow staying near the jewellery industries area.

For me, being on holiday doesn’t mean complete disengagement from work. Because when you love what you do, why would you feel the need to disengage?

But holidays mean a chance to recharge, an avenue to explore and gain new insights. It’s a way to increase creativity, to let my mind wander as it pleases. And to bring all of my learnings and ideas back into my work.

It also doesn’t mean I stop writing. New places and experiences mean new story ideas – fiction or otherwise.

And it doesn’t mean I stop reading. In fact, being on holiday gives me even more opportunities to catch up on my reading.

Burnout is a real thing, even when you love what you do. But one way to combat that inevitable is to stay curious, keep playing and take holidays!

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