When it comes to the eighth season of Game of Thrones, the part I’ve been enjoying the most is the show writers’ breakdown of the episode.

As a writer who’s been mostly working with the text medium, these breakdowns are great way for me to learn more about how to write for the screen. Like audio formats, it’s a whole different medium and engages the senses in a different way.

For example, the entire third episode — which is about 80 minutes long — is a war scene and these can get boring. How does a writer create a narrative, develop characters, evoke emotion throughout?

Prior to watching the episode, I read the reviews (Yes, I do this. I love spoilers.) and most didn’t have too positive things to say. I went in with low expectations, and in fact, struggled to stay focused.

And yet, I realised that it’s easy to criticise. It’s far more difficult to create.

When I think about all the work that the writers, the director, the entire crew put in to create this epic battle that the whole series has been leading up to, I am grateful.

Art and entertainment like this would not exist if it wasn’t for the people who were brave enough to take it on.

Stories like these would not exist if writers didn’t write them.

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