One of the best habits I managed to cultivate this year is blogging daily. 

Besides being a great way to solidify my thoughts, it’s also taught me that even on days when it feels like there are no words, no ideas, if you squeeze yourself hard enough, there will be some. It’s taught me to hit publish even when I lack confidence in my writing.

One thing I’d like to start practising as well is interstitial journaling. 

In his article on Better Humans, a publication on Medium, Coach Tony suggests journaling every time you transition from one work project to another. 

“Write a few sentences in your journal about what you just did, and then a few more sentences about what you’re about to do,” he says in the article. 

If you’re the sort who works on different projects throughout the day, doing this serves two purposes. 

One, it helps your brain switch off from the previous task. Just like how taking a picture of something outsources memory to your camera, doing this offloads information to your journal. Your brain energy can now be used to focus on the task ahead. 

Two, it helps set your course for the next project and what you want to accomplish from the task you’re about to undertake. It makes you more focused and your work more efficient. 

At least, this is my hypothesis. And I’ll start my experiment in June.

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