Since I’ve been writing a lot more lately, and referencing a lot of other articles while I’m at it, I’ve found myself craving an app that could help me with indexing my reads, as well as generate citations in customised formats. 

Thinking about this, reminded me of a post I said I would write for a friend. It was meant to be a list of ideas for apps I’d like to use. 

So here goes: 

Fitbit for dogs 

So I can track my dog and see how he’s doing even when I’m travelling. Must be non-invasive.

Indexing app

That pulls all my highlights from all the different places that I do my reading — Kindle, Medium, other articles, books etc and generates citations in a format that I specify. 

A multi e-wallet app 

In which I can top up any of the e-wallets I use, as well as use the e-wallet at any merchant that accept them (or the connected card). There are so many e-wallets in use in Malaysia, as well as overseas. I’d like to have less apps on my phone. Please, thanks!

Investment app

For me to keep track of all my investments in one place (and give me feedback) so I don’t have to disturb my advisor all the time. Must be very secure, of course. 

Voice to text to-do list

That formats properly. Right now all my to-do lists involve me having to type. Google Keep has great voice recognition but I still have to tap on the screen etc. 

If any of these already exist, let me know! 

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