“When we choose our struggles, we’re guiding our own personal growth.” 

My eyes stopped when I read that line in The Struggle for Personal Growth by Brian Clark. 

I’ve been writing quite a bit about how we are more in control of our own lives than we realise, but I never quite thought of it in terms of “choosing my struggles”. 

It’s true though, that we decide whether we’re going to stick with a tough job or struggle as a freelancer. 

We decide if we’re going to run that 100km ultramarathon, or climb the tallest mountain in the country. 

We decide to keep pitching to publishers, or go indie and market our own books. 

In doing so, we decide how we want to grow. 

“It’s when our struggles feel beyond our control, however, that we truly learn who we are and what we’re capable of,” Clark continues. 

And that’s true as well. 

Those life challenges that take us down so badly are also the ones that show us that we are stronger than we think we are. That we can do so much more than what we thought. 

“Sometimes the struggle of life wears us down. But struggle is also how we grow.”

No matter which path to growth we decide to take, there will be challenges. But we get to choose how we grow.  

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