I started working on my book at the start of this trip. Finally.

After many requests to write a book about this, or that, I put those ideas on the back burner and decided to write about something close to my heart — just to start with.

Me being me, I’ve been reading articles and books about how to write and publish a bestseller on Kindle. I’ve been looking for tools that will help me with the process.

Because it turns out that it’s more than just writing and hitting publish.

The process typically involves a lot of initial research about what niches have the best demand etc (there are recommended formulas to use), and planning for how to optimise for search on Amazon (there are tools for this).

It’s true that if you want something to sell, you have to make it happen – from pre-production to post.

But what if there’s no obvious demand for the product that’s in your heart? What if you aren’t totally clear about what niche it fits into? What if it’s just something you can’t help but want to put into the world?

That’s what this book of mine is, I think. It’s something I just feel I have to write. Yet another thing to help solidify my thoughts, to clarify my learning.

Perhaps it’s not enough. Perhaps it won’t sell. Perhaps people will hate it.

But I won’t know until I hit publish.

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