There are days when Ming frustrates me. This is normal.

Being in such close proximity with anyone definitely leads to some level of disagreement. (And if there aren’t any disagreements, that probably means that someone isn’t being fully honest.)

But more often than not, Ming makes my life better. He makes life feel better in so many different ways.

And he makes so many of the things that I do possible, pushing me towards things that I don’t always think I can do, supporting me even in projects that he may not be interested in.

One occasion that I will always remember is when I was invited to read at Readings@Seksan.

I wanted to read a piece of old writing about a man who broke my heart.

Even though he hadn’t even read the piece (he doesn’t read my writing), Ming laid out my text so that it would fit nicely onto four pages (A4, folded in half) and then printed out copies.

Even though he wasn’t into this sort of “literary” event, he came to listen to me read. I was too shy to distribute copies of the printout so after I was done reading, Ming walked around handing out copies of the piece I’d read.

On days when I’m frustrated, I think about the little things like these that he does and I’m blown away by how amazing he is.

And instead of focusing on how I think he’s falling short, I think about how I can be better for him.

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