For storytellers

I recently read about a new product from a company that Spotify acquired a couple of years back called Soundtrap. 

What piqued my interest about this new product, called Soundtrap for Storytellers, is that it allows you to cut your audio file by editing your transcript. 

As a podcaster, this can be a painful process, especially if you’re on a deadline (I usually am). So of course, I had to try it out. 

It’s a little complex if you’re new to sound editing but it’s easy enough to pick up. I managed to record and somewhat figure out how to create music tracks in about 10 minutes.  

(Yes, you can create your own music tracks electronically.)

I tried out the transcription bit and it works! 

The transcript is automatically generated and is pretty accurate. I could have enunciated better and it would have been perfect. 

I decided that I would cut a part in the middle. So I cut it in the transcript, and that reflected in the audio as well. I’m amazed. 

After Spotify’s acquisition of Anchor and Gimlet earlier this year, as well as the launch of this new feature, it’s becoming clearer that podcasting and the audio medium could be seeing a new revival. 

I’m excited! 

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