A while back, I wrote about how I experience lower productivity during my period and since then, have been fascinated by the idea of cycle syncing. 

It turns out, I’m not the only one. There are groups of women who actually do it. And apparently, femtech is now a billion-dollar industry

It’s an industry that I’ve been exploring without realising it. 

So much of the world, especially the working world, has been built for men. And this was valid because in the past, the home was the woman’s domain. 

During my recent visit to South Korea, we visited one of the old houses of a nobleman (who later became king) and the women’s quarters were much larger. This was because all the handling of food and clothing was done there. 

But the world is different now. And yet, our approach remains the same. 

Is “equal opportunity” really that if environments outside the home remain “hostile” to women? 

I’m asking, not because I’ve experienced overly negative experiences. I’ve been relatively fortunate. 

But I think all women have learned to navigate within this world that wasn’t built for us. And we’ve grown accustomed to so much of it, that we don’t question the status quo. 

And I’m wondering if we should. 

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