Stock up

How can stoicism be practised even during the good times?

Today’s reading of the Daily Stoic email newsletter suggests that during the “good times”, we stock up our “Fortress of Fortitude“. 

That we “prepare for an uncertain future and to never be so naive as to expect things to always be booming and pleasant”. 

When we are on top, we should enjoy it, yes. But we must remember not to let it go to our heads. 

We must continue to practise the same kind of mindfulness, to keep journalling and strengthening our character. 

Sometimes I think: it’s when times are good, that we are most at risk. We are at risk of being too comfortable. We are at risk of revelling too much in the now and thinking too little about the future. 

We must continue to build on what we have, lay down new foundations, discover new possibilities. 

When times are good, we have resources in abundance and we must deploy them in the most effective manner so that when the hard times come (and they will), we still have the resources we need to thrive. 

The Daily Stoic email reminds me that the worst that could happen is not any of the negative things that could happen in the world or in my personal life. 

It would be for that to happen and for you to turn inside to your cabinet of fortitude or your inner citadel and find it empty.”

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