I’ve been asked a number of times how I read so much.

My first answer is usually “I read a lot of trash” and that’s true. Weird af romance novels are my guilty pleasure. And with my Kindle Unlimited subscription, most of the ones I’ve been reading lately are basically porn.

My next answer is that I find moments to read. I don’t need an hour to sit down and get reading.

Plane delayed for an hour? I read. Standing in line for the bathroom? I read. The person I’m meeting is 15 minutes late? I read.

Rather than scrolling through my social media feeds — which, after my cleanup, is almost non-existent — I read.

If we think about how much time we spend, on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and imagine using that time reading instead, we’ll realise that it’s easy to read a lot more.

But that said, reading is overrated. I read because I enjoy it, not because I feel it’s something I must do.

When I am knee-deep in a particularly gripping book, it’s hard for me to even think about doing anything else. There have been days when I can’t sleep because I want to know what happens next.

Text is always my medium of choice. And perhaps that’s the real reason I read as much as I do.

Disclosure: Some of the things I share in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you go through them and make a purchase, I will earn a commission. There are no extra charges for you, but it’ll contribute to my coffee (read: alcohol) fund. Thank you!

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