Today I received an invitation to visit the Asia Adult Expo 2019 and I felt my heart leap. While other people may get excited over concerts or festivals, trade fairs float my boat, especially when it’s in the sex industry.

Ever since I first found out about it, sex has been a subject of interest to me. 

At first, it was a thing my friends and I whispered about in the corner of the classroom. Later, when I learned about it in biology, I realised that it was something as everyday as eating. 

I wondered why people talked about it as if it was something special, something dirty, or something so far apart from ordinary life. 

And I still wonder why people behave so differently when it comes to matters of sex. 

Why does conversational etiquette go out the window? Why is rudeness so easy to come by?

If you wanted to start a conversation with a stranger, would you start by telling them that you’re salivating? Would you tell them that you want to vomit? Or take a shit?

They’re all ordinary bodily functions, but hardly the best conversation starters. Especially if they’re uninvited and you’re talking to a person you’ve never spoken to before.

So I wonder why strangers on Instagram start conversations with “my cock’s wet” or “you make me wanna cum”? 

I often wonder what the rationale is behind questions like these. It’s not an engaging start to a conversation, so what’s the point? 

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