The person I struggle most to write for is myself. 

There have been days when I wonder if my desire to start and run businesses is an excuse to not write, to not pursue bylines. 

Although I find myself writing a lot for work — everything requires writing — most of these are inglorious tasks. There’s no byline. It doesn’t have the same kind of artistry I hope to grow within myself. 

There are days when I see a superbly-written long-form article on a well-known magazine and I feel an inexplicable wave of jealousy. And then I feel guilt. 

Guilt that I haven’t given myself the space and time to grow in this area. 

My desire for money is an excuse, I sometimes think. My desire to be this person labeled “entrepreneur” is an excuse to not take myself as a “writer” seriously. 

I know how to hustle. But why haven’t I hustled in this area that I care the most about?

No matter what I do, no matter what industries I branch out into, I always come back to this. 

Your passion can be a hobby, I tell myself. It doesn’t have to be your career. 

But what if I want it to be?  

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