I’ve been thinking a lot about Bojack Horseman lately and how he seems doomed to be an asshole, even though he so desperately wants to be good. 

Although he’s a celebrity, and seems to have everything he wants, he is deeply broken and can’t seem to escape his demons. 

It’s something that all of us humans struggle with, I think. No matter where in life we’re at.

We all want to be good. But sometimes, we let our negative emotions get the better of us. We lash out, we detach ourselves, we do the bad thing. 

Fear and anger and joy, they all have two faces. The rush of adrenaline or the sting of insecurity. Anger provides the motivation to create change or the urge to destroy. Joy, taken too far can make us selfish, irresponsible. 

Emotions have their role to play in regulating our lives. And while we cannot control them, the best thing about being human is that we can choose how we want to act.  

Perhaps one of the worst things is that we have to live with the consequences, good or bad. And like Bojack Horseman, we find ways to cope. We find ways to keep on living.

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