In one of the latest emails in her newsletter Brass Ring Daily, Kara Cutruzzula writes about working on the weekend. 

“Working on the weekend is kind of painful! And I say this as someone who has done it almost every weekend for her entire adult life,” she writes. 

She goes on to say that although there are many valid reasons to work on the weekend (and I should know, because I enjoy my weekend work as well), we should aim to prevent work that’s preventable. 

“Because the problem is you never recharge and then Monday feels super-extra Monday,” she continues. 

We need the discipline to get round to working. But we must also be disciplined when it comes to rest. 

Her tip for deciding what to work on is this:

“Right now, pretend you’re getting on a flight in a couple hours. Say, at 2pm. 

“You’re going to be gone for…a couple days? A week or two? You don’t really know.

“And guess what…you can’t bring your computer! No overhead space. Sorry.

“You don’t have all day to get it done. You don’t have all weekend. But you do have four hours or so to do all the Most Important Stuff. 

“If you do it now, you can have a real break.

“What will you do?”

PS. Brass Ring Daily is another newsletter that I’m finding a lot of joy in. In it, Cutruzzula also shares a picture, a video and links to other interesting things. Feel free to subscribe, and if you like, let me know what you think!

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